The Experiment Cost Inflection Point

Scaling a Biotech research program means managing and optimizing sequences of closely interrelated experiments, i.e. the Experiment Factory. A lot has been written about the value of creating short, inexpensive experiments to explore an idea. But is there ever value in making an experiment slower and more expensive? (My answer may surprise you.) When IContinue reading “The Experiment Cost Inflection Point”

The Experiment Factory

For a biotech organization to scale its research program, it must balance the flexibility needed to explore a variety of biological hypotheses against the consistency needed to make a collection of observations into more than the sum of its parts. The balance between these opposing forces will shift over time, from nearly complete flexibility whileContinue reading “The Experiment Factory”

The Operational-Analytical Data Cycle

For a biotech organization to effectively scale its research program, its data platform must enable all users to leverage as much data as possible within their decision making context – the levers that allow them to make decisions and take action. This is easier said than done, and one of the main issues is againContinue reading “The Operational-Analytical Data Cycle”

Designing a Chimera Data Platform

One of the key roles of a software team at a Biotech organization is to enable the research program to scale without sacrificing flexibility and innovation. I’ll write more about this in upcoming posts, but today I want to explore how my understanding of the scope of this work has shifted since switching from aContinue reading “Designing a Chimera Data Platform”