Jesse’s List

I want to make it easier for Biotech startups to find experts that they can hire as consultants/contractors to jump-start projects and build new capabilities.

The Idea

This is like Angie’s List, but for biotech consultants/contractors, and instead of relying on star ratings from anonymous strangers, you can find people you know and respect who are willing to be references for the resources you’re considering.

How it works

  1. View the list – You can see the list of consultants and contractors I’ve collected so far, along with the engagement models and areas of expertise they’ve been used. Note that these are based on projects that have been reported and may not cover everything they do in practice. (If you think it’s incomplete, see Step 3 for how to fix it.)
  2. Request references – To request a list of people you can ask about their experiences with a consultant, fill out the form. I will review each request and use my best judgement to ensure it’s in good faith, etc. I’ll respond by email with a list of folks you can reach out to.
  3. Register as a reference – To add your own consultants and projects, fill in this form with your contact information and your preferences for how I should forward others to you.
  4. Add projects – Fill in this form once for each engagement you’ve had with a consultant/contractor. You can also use it to add a contractor to the list even if you haven’t worked with them. If they’re not already on the list, they’ll be added. Note that I’ll review each new listing before it appears, so the list won’t be updated immediately.


  • This is an experiment, and I make no guarantees about how this will evolve in the future, or even that it will continue to exist.
  • If this is successful, it will probably take on a new form, that relies less on manual processes, and may migrate from Airtable to a different platform.
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