Biotech/AI Design Review

Is your data team struggling to have the impact you know they’re capable of?

Are they spending more time finding and cleaning data than building ML models?

Are they frustrated that their colleagues don’t understand what they’re doing?

Is their best work stuck in the proof-of-concept phase?

Get an experienced, objective perspective on how to organize your teams and projects for success.

Most of these issues stem from habits and assumptions that make sense in Tech or Bio world, but don’t quite translate to AI-driven Tech Biotech.

Luckily, a few key adjustments can often replace this frustration with a virtuous cycle.

The Project Design Review will identify these adjustments by compiling perspectives from your project team and key stakeholders to identify the most important risks, issues and opportunities.

Based on my extensive experience seeing what makes Biotech/AI projects succeed or fail, the recommendations from this three-week intensive review will help you and your team to:

  • Clearly communicate project objectives and impact to stakeholders and colleagues.
  • Work with wet lab teams to collect the data you need in a way you can use it.
  • Integrate your team’s tools, analysis and models into the wet lab’s experiment workflows.

You’ve got the science and the technology. I’ll help you make them work together.

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